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B100-S vacuum cleaner carpet cleaner
● Before use
1. How loud is the cleaner?
The patented magnetic levitation technology is used to reduce noise, which can significantly reduce noise. The noise level is about 65 db, which is equivalent to the noise of a low-power household hair dryer. You can also place a blanket on the bottom of the machine to reduce noise.

2. How long is the cable? Will it be messy?
The length of the cable is 5m. UWANT developed the function of one-touch cable collection to help you solve the problem of storing power cables.

3. For which substances is it recommended to use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning?
Any fabric, as long as it is washable with water. For expensive or lint-prone materials (wool carpets, leather sofas, latex mattresses), we recommend attempting to clean in a small hidden area. If there are no problems, use it on a large area.

● When in use
1. What is the ratio of the cleaning solution?
After the tank of clean water is removed, you can see the scale lines on the tank (divided into large and small areas); the ratio of the cleaning liquid is 1:30.

For cleaning small areas, fill clean water to the lowest water level of 600ml and then pour 20ml cleaning liquid.

For large-area cleaning, fill 1800ml of clean water and then pour 60ML of cleaning liquid (the water must not be warmer than 60°C to avoid damage to the water tank).

2. Can I mix three cleaning solutions together?
The three cleaning solutions are designed for different application scenarios, and it is recommended to use them separately to achieve better cleaning results.

3. Why is the cleaning effect not good?
First, determine the type of stain and how long it has been there. For long-standing stains, it is recommended to use a special cleaning fluid and not add water. Apply the cleaning fluid directly to the stain and allow it to sit for 20 minutes before brushing.

4. Why is the surface wet after washing?
It gets wet after washing with the washing machine. The water is only sprayed before brushing, and then only vacuuming is required. When vacuuming, hold the brush upright and press down.

5. Can you use cold water with this machine?
Normal tap water can usually be used for cleaning. Temperatures can range from 5°C to 50°C and overheating may result in device failure.

6. What is the self-cleaning function? How can you start it?
When you press the self-cleaning button, the device will rinse the pipe and nozzle with water to eliminate the dirt in the pipe, avoid odor after use, and avoid the trouble of disassembly and hand washing

● After use
1. How should daily maintenance be carried out?
After use, place the brush flat on the ground according to the instruction manual, press the self-cleaning button to automatically clean the brush and hose, then pour out the wastewater and clean the water tank to avoid smell.

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