About Us

CLS DAFA GmbH is a leading company specializing in providing comprehensive services to various brands. With our prioritization of premium quality and highest customer satisfaction, our main goal is to be a premium one-stop platform.

As a trustworthy partner, we support our customers in all areas, from marketing and sales to warehousing. Our experienced team of professionals has extensive industry knowledge and works closely with customers to develop customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

In marketing, we offer innovative strategies and tailored campaigns to increase brand awareness and expand reach. Our excellent understanding of target markets allows us to develop effective marketing strategies and target the right audience.

In sales, we support our customers in selling their products through various channels and opening up new sales opportunities. Our in-depth market analysis and our networking enable us to develop targeted sales strategies and build efficient sales channels.

We also provide extensive warehousing services to ensure our customers' products are stored safely and managed efficiently. With our advanced logistics solutions, we ensure smooth processing of orders and timely delivery to customers.

For us, the customer is our focus! We continually strive for A1 quality, reliability and flexibility in order to meet the individual requirements and goals of our customers. Our passion for excellent service is the basis for constantly finding new ways to successfully support our customers and build long-term partnerships.

You can count on CLS DAFA! We will advance your brand and take your business to the next level.


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Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 9am-5:00pm.
Average answer time: 24h