How to choose a Carpet Cleaner?

How to choose a Carpet Cleaner?

In contemporary home life, fabric furniture such as sofas, curtains, and mattresses have become indispensable elements. However, cleaning these upholstered items often poses a significant challenge. To address this issue, Carpet Cleaner, including carpet and steam cleaners, have emerged as an effective solution.

These cleaners utilize high-pressure streams of hot and cold water to dissolve stubborn stains on fabric furniture, followed by brushing to loosen the softened stains, and finally, the dirt and grime are vacuumed away. This spray-brush-suction method makes fabric cleaning simple and efficient.

In this article, we will explore the advantages, basic working principles, and selection criteria for Carpet Cleaner, helping you better understand and choose the right cleaner for your needs.


  1. What is a Carpet Cleaner?
  2. Why choose a Carpet Cleaner?
  3. How it work?
  4. How to choose a Carpet Cleaner?


 1. What is a Carpet Cleaner?

A Carpet Cleaner is a device that uses high-pressure streams of hot and cold water to dissolve stubborn stains on fabric furniture. The cleaner's brush head then scrubs the softened stains, and finally, the dirt and water are vacuumed away. In simple terms, Carpet Cleaner complete the cleaning process through a combination of spraying, brushing, and suction.

2. Why Choose a Carpet Cleaner?

Cleaning fabric furniture such as sofas, curtains, and mattresses in the home presents several challenges:

·High Cleaning Costs: Hiring professional cleaning services can be expensive.
·Difficulty in Cleaning: Cleaning fabric furniture can be time-consuming and labor-intensive due to the need to dismantle and wash them.
·Surface Cleaning Only: Traditional cleaning methods often only clean the surface, leaving dirt and odors inside the cushions.
·It is too big: Large items are difficult to clean thoroughly and dry quickly, and small stains are hard to clean locally.

 3.  How it work?

 Step 1: High-Pressure Water Spray to Dissolve Stains

The main component of the cleaning solution is an active agent that reactivates dried stains on the fabric surface.

 Step 2: Brush Head Friction to Loosen Stains

The brush head scrubs the fabric surface, separating the stains from the fabric.

 Step 3: Powerful Suction to Remove Stains and Dirty Water

The suction action removes the dissolved stains and dirty water, followed by a rinse spray to wash away any remaining dirt and quick suction to dry the fabric.

 4. How to Choose a Carpet Cleaner?

 Suction Power

The greater the suction power, the stronger the cleaning ability, making it easier to remove stains and water, and leaving the fabric drier. However, higher suction power often comes with increased noise levels.

Water Tank Capacity

Consider the capacities of both the clean and dirty water tanks, as they determine the overall size of the machine and the frequency of water changes during cleaning. Avoid tanks that are too small to reduce the need for frequent refills, but also avoid tanks that are too large as they can be difficult to maneuver.

 universal wheel

Machines with universal wheel can be easily moved around by simply pulling, making it possible to clean large areas with ease, even with larger water tanks.

 Automatic Cord Rewind

Long press the brush head self-cleaning button to automatically flush the brush head and the internal pipeline with clean water, keeping the machine clean and odor-free after use.

By understanding these key points, you can make an informed decision when selecting a carpet or steam cleaner that best suits your home cleaning needs.

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