The Clean You Want

Our Beginnings

Simplify Cleaning for Every Home. Let Family, Pets, Enjoy A Better Life.

Our Brand

More than just a name, it's a promise - Uwant is a combination of ‘you’ and ‘want’, emphasising our customer-focused philosophy and our commitment to meeting your needs.

Uwant Orange is the color of hope, the feeling that inspires us to pursue our dreams and goals.

Our Vision

A Clean Home And A Happy Life

Products and Services

We offer a wide range of AI products and services, including our robot vacuum series, mite remover series, mop cleaning series, floor scrubber series, handheld vacuum series, and pet care series, designed to help you clean homes, offices, or any other space effortlessly.


Access To More Than 30 Countries


Over 1,000,000 Units of All Products Sold


Senior Engineers and Scientists

UWANT Laboratory

UWANT Factory

About Our Company


Uwant has a culture of innovation and technology that encourages curiosity, creativity and collaboration among our employees. Our R&D team consists of more than 50 senior engineers and two scientists specialising in smart appliances and innovative cleaning devices. In 2022 alone, we have been awarded 100 patents and awards such as the red dot design award and the iF design award.


We aspire to be a socially responsible company and we plan to adopt green practices and technologies. We will measure our impact on the environment by tracking carbon emissions, water consumption and waste generation.


We value and respect the diversity and inclusion of our employees, customers and communities. We offer fair and flexible work opportunities. We have 50 female employees in management positions.